World Mrkt App

I created this application to solve a problem I had, I noticed I was getting disconnected from my culture because I was no longer able to experience it. I was trying to connect to my roots through food but I had no access to the ingredients I needed to produce traditional Guatemalan dishes. The ingredients I did have access to were either too far away or too expensive.
I interviewed 5 user experts in Boston to figure out how they were able to experience their culture through food and what obstacles they face connecting with their roots. This application turned into a greater mission to help people like me be empowered to promote their cultures and share them with their communities.

Target Market:

Early 20’s

Low Budget


1st Generation

Foreign nationality


Top Research Questions:

What are some obstacles when you are cooking?

Where do you get your ingredients for cooking?

Do you cook any dishes from your/your family’s native country?

When you have food from your family’s native culture, how does it make you feel?


Foreign exchange student from Mexico

Cooks simple foods, moderate expertise.

Has generous budget.

Has comfortable amount of time to cook.

Cooks simple food from Mexico.

Feels that sometimes it’s too complicated to make Mexican dishes because the grocery store doesn’t have ingredients needed.

Finds that when you crave a certain dish/snack from back home you can go to a restaurant and find something close, it can be disappointing but sometimes it’s just enough.

Foreign exchange student from Mexico

Has high interest in cooking.

Has a moderate amount of time to cook.

Has comfortable budget.

Medium amount of free time.

Often cooks food from Mexico, doesn’t feel like it’s hard for them to prepare the food although there are some tedious things to work with sometimes.

Finds that there is access to common Mexican ingredients at Whole Foods where they do often do groceries.

There are some family dishes that are impossible to reproduce due to the absence of the ingredients within the community.

It is helpful when there is a alternative to a missing ingredient.

Not having access to family dishes allows for them to have something to look forward to when they go back home. It allows for there to be a built sense of appreciation for the cultural significance of food.

Function 1: I need an ingredient

I can wait

I need it ASAP

Function 2: I need resources (Events, Videos & Recipes)

Function 3: I don't know where to start

The subscription bag is designed to be a baby step to expose you to a culture of foods you are not %100 familiar with. The bag is affordably priced with a diverse range of treats and easy to incorporate ingredients.

Promoting Accesability

WM is an affordable service, to promote this, an interactive ticket dispenser appear in cooking sites; when clicked on, a promo code will be activated while also communicating that students will receive %20 off all orders. 

Community Awareness

Living fast cyclical lives; we tend to look over the resources around us. There are small family restaurants, corner stores and even people that could nourish you with information about your culture.


Providing an experience outside of the application allows for young people to build relationships with elders who are eager to pass on their stories.


WM organizes events with small businesses which invite young people to create dishes with elders to learn the journey of each dish.Bringing the mission of WM outside of the app creates a safe space for the youth to embark on the journey to get back to their roots.