New Balance x Bodega 977's 

This project encompasses components of a digital and physical campaign for the New Balance and Bodega "No bad days" 997's. The campaign is designed to capture the essence of "No bad days": a perfect day in paradise with absolutely no worries. The imagery is inspired by kitsch representations of paradise, like that in glowing moving waterfall frames with bird chirps and 1960's travel ads. The concept was furthered explored to help people experience "No bad days" through social interfaces.

Bodega x New Balance 997S No Bad Days ad

"No bad days" digital marketing poster


Post Card Design

Bodega x New Balance 997S No Bad Days po
Bodega x New Balance 997S No Bad Days po

Digital Assets for Product Merch

New splashes Jetski (1) (1).gif

Gifs for Instagram Stories with character illustrations by 45RPM

The stickers were developed to have users on instagram embellish their IG stories with imagery that brought awareness to the "No bad days" 997's. The "no bad days sticker pack" sticker book was then developed to highlight the stickers on social media.


Instagram Story original ideation with team under Leadership of Ricky Orng. The sketches are story boards for motion graphics that could be incorporated into small gifs then stickers.

The original plan was to incorporate A.R and investigate methods in which users could be taken into the "No bad days" realm. This option proved not to be executable within the tight timeline. The stickers proved to be a simple and effective way to have users engage with the 997's through Instagram Stories.